Filed Declarations

See which counties have filed their declarations.

If you love our country and our Constitution - The State of Jefferson Welcomes YOU!

Do you want to be part of a state that wants to ADD A STAR to our flag-using the method prescribed by our Constitution? Article IV, Section 3 defines how to accomplish the formation of a new state out of an existing state-which has been done four times in our history! The last time it was done over 150 years ago when West Virginia split from Virginia in 1861.

Government was built by the people to serve the people. Look at your government today and ask yourself are you being served? Are the governments of California and Oregon serving you or themselves? Do you want to return to a Constitutional Republic where everyone has a voice in their government? That feeling has led you here, to help define the direction of our new state and fulfill the promises of our Founding Fathers for ourselves and our posterity.