Court date

State of Jefferson Appeal has a court date!

On March 6th, all three Attorneys will be presenting again before a 9th Circuit Judge.  It is crucial to win here! (God willing, we will get one of the new Judges that Pres. Trump has appointed!)  Please pray for a favorable outcome.  If the Judge awards us a 3-judge panel (which we had, and then Judge Mueller rescinded it, which has never been done before!) we will get to plead our lack of Representation complaint before Judge Mueller and 2 other Judges.   From there, our case will go before the Supreme Court.


  • B. Headrick
    Second post/request: Are you requesting support persons to be present at this hearing?? If so, do we need pre-approval or ?? Where do we park? Thank you!
    • David Titchenal
      Hello - We are not requesting support troops for this court date. You are an American citizen so you can do what you want to do (for the time being) but this is a small courtroom we are told and the hearing may very brief. Is it worth the cost of the trip, the parking and walking through human excrement? I would not think so. I will be there so that I may report to all of us what transpired. Thank you for being willing to support us! Dave the admin