Meet those who are coordinating the efforts to help create the new State of Jefferson
Mark Baird, Primary Speaker; Juris Coordinator
Recognized as the founder of the modern Jefferson movement, Mr. Baird launched the pursuit of liberty on September 3, 2013 when he spoke in front of the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors and explained the new statehood movement. They voted 4-1 in favor of creating a new state from the northern portion of California.

Mr. Baird's role in Jefferson is as the primary speaker, historical researcher as well as the juris coordinator.

Employment History
United States Army
Helicopter Door Gunner, Republic of Vietnam 1700 hours, low-level helicopter
Aircraft maintenance

Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic World Airways Maintaining DC-10, DC-8, B747-200, B707, L188

Charter Pilot for Executive Air Charter; California Air Charter On Demand Charter Service 6000 hours+/- 400 series Cessna, Piper Cheyenne, Navajo, Aztec,

April 1989-April 2014, World Airways. (Company ceased operations).
April 2014–present Spire Aviation. On call for large aircraft repossession and ferry.

747-400 Check Airman, 2009-2014
DC-10 Check Airman 1993-2008
Line Capt. 1990-1993
First Officer 1989-1990
Total Time 21,000 + hours

Airline Transport Pilot, Multi-engine land, Commercial Pilot Single Engine Land, Airframe and Power plant Mechanic, Advanced Ground Instructor ratings, Instrument instructor ratings.
Type Rated for B747-400, MD-11, DC-10
Qualified for CAT I/ II/IIIb, Lower than Standard CAT II, GPS approach qualified, VOR, NDB, LOC, Vnav/Lnav approach qualified.
Qualified for Polar Ops
Qualified NAT, Mid Atlantic, South Atlantic
Qualified North Pacific, Mid Pacific, South Pacific
Mr. Baird  has also conducted South American route Qualifications as well as Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS States, China, and Middle East including Afghanistan and Iraq. He has been a Check Airman, Simulator Instructor and Line Captain on Two Heavy Airplane Types, with one of the largest Military Contract Airlines. Mr. Baird is very comfortable at high altitude airports (747-400 in and out of Quito, Ecuador, high temperatures, high gross weight (875,000lbs), and short runways (DC-10-30, in and out of 5,700 foot runway in Punta Arenas, Chile). They operated under some of the worst weather conditions in the world. Prior to World Airways, Mr. Baird had approximately 6ooo hours of light multiengine and turbine experience in Piper Cheyanne, Cessna 400 series, Beech 18, and various other types of light aircraft both single and multiengine.

2012- Present: Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Siskiyou County. Member of the Siskiyou Interagency Marijuana Interdiction Team. Participated in over 150 drug interdiction raids.

March 2011- Present Own and operate Buffalo Broadcasting, (with his wife Cyndi). They operate KSYC FM, KSIZ FM from their offices in Yreka California. They have also operated a property development and construction company.

Mr. Baird lives with his wife, on their ranch in Siskiyou County California. They raise horses and Buffalo. His interests are civil war history with emphasis on Cavalry and also enjoys astronomy. 
Win Carpenter, Chair- SoJ Formation 501c4, Jefferson State of Mine Radio Show
Mr. Carpenter, a seventh generation Shasta County resident currently resides in Redding. Raised in McArthur, a rural community of farmers, ranchers, loggers and blue collar workers, Mr. Carpenter got his start in the work-world through the grocery industry. He learned early on to work with the public and to provide customer service. Always willing to satisfy the needs of others he has proven self-sacrifice by coming to their aid while working and through volunteerism.

Mr. Carpenter graduated from California State University, Chico, with a Bachelors’ in Agriculture with an emphasis in Fair Management. Upon graduation he interned at the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede and soon after began his career in the California and Oregon Fair Industry. While working in the fair business he learned many operational and management skills not taught in school. He gained valuable insight from the veterans within the business that offered support and wisdom gained from years of practical experience.

Upon relocating back to Redding to raise his family he worked for two fortune 500 companies for several years which lead him to work for Shasta County. After being with the county for eight and one-half years he opted to leave their employment to work full-time on Jefferson. Being passionate and devoted to the cause of Jefferson, he and his family made the commitment to do what-ever it takes to make Jefferson happen. Win co-hosts the weekly Jefferson State of Mine radio show on Sunday mornings and speaks at county town halls and meetings throughout the territory soon to be Jefferson. As the President of the 501(c)4 State of Jefferson Formation Committee, Mr. Carpenter works diligently to aid in Jefferson’s advancement. 

Patty Smith, Vice Chair - SoJ Formation 501c4
Work Experience
Resource Aid
Corning Union Elementary School
Corning, Ca.
August 2013-current
Implementing extra education services per Individual Education Plans for students with such plan. Assisting student groups needing extra help in math or language arts.

Special Education/Small Group Instruction
Corning Union Elementary School
Corning, Ca.
March, 2003 - 2013
Special Ed. Paraprofessional- One on one assistance with students requiring additional help with reading accuracies in Middle School. One on two (Down Syndrome child and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) assistance with kindergarten children directing educational and social learning. One on one with an Autistic child assisting and directing in sensory issues, guidance with visual schedules, communication with the Picture Exchange System (PECS), assistance in social settings, encouraging and re-directing in academics, and supervision in play and recreation. Supervising and assisting children in cooking skills and art projects. Administered CAPA and CELDT state tests. Logged daily attendance and maintained daily paperwork requirements.

Leadership/Community roles
Tehama County State of Jefferson Committee chairman 2016
State of Jefferson Formation 501c(4) Finance Board Vice President 2015- current
Elkins Elementary School Board Member 2014-current
Tehama County Logic & Accuracy Board June 2014
Election Integrity Project Tehama County Assistant Coordinator February 2014-current
Corning Tea Party Coordinator Dec. 2012 - current
Terry Rapoza, County coordination and merchandising, Jefferson State of Mine Radio show
Mr. Rapoza  was born in 1950 and raised in the Bay area. Mr. Rapoza attended St. Joseph's grammar school and Jr. High. Mr. Rapoza graduated Woodside HS in 1968 and studied 2 years at Canada College in Redwood city received an AA degree.

Mr. Rapoza owned a small house painting business in the early 1970's before he went to work for Longs drug store in 1972 in Redwood City. Mr. Rapoza was promoted to warehouse manager in 1973. Transferred to the Monterey Longs store as a manager trainee in 1973. Promoted to Dept. Head and transferred to Longs Drug in Citrus Heights in 1974. In all 3 stores he helped open and set them up.

Mr. Rapoza met his wife Sally in 1975 and they married in 1976. They worked as a sales team for Certified Appliances selling small electrical appliances and personal care products to Longs Drugs, Payless, Pan n Save, Ace Hardware stores and independent drug stores in North California based out of Redding. By 1978 they became the top sales people in the company, promoted to Sales Manager in 1980. Mr. Rapoza was offered key accounts manager position from Wresco in San Francisco with exclusive lines of Sony and Panasonic.

In 1983, he became independent sales rep for Greenberg and Cleary Company. Selling a variety of product lines to Gemco, Longs Drug Pay n Save etc.

In 1985, Mr. Rapoza went to work for Fritz Vibe Co. selling greeting cards, novelties and sunglasses where he became the top sales person in 6 months. After tiring of working for someone else, Mr. Rapoza started his own company Rapoza Enterprises in Oct. 1986 where he sold novelties, sunglasses, vitamins, batteries etc. to convenience stores, small markets and resorts in Northern California. By 1990, the Rapozas had graduated into selling apparel which they still have today. Mr. Rapoza sold most of his company in 1995.

The Rapozas have 5 kids and 3 grandchildren, 1 Great grand daughter. Seeing the overreach of government in 2009, they helped start The Redding Tea Party as well as help to establish other Tea Party groups in Northern California which are still active today. Having lived in California his whole life, Mr. Rapoza has watched the decline from the Golden State to the brown state. He recognizes that our liberties are being taken from us on a daily basis mostly due to the fact that we have little representation in our state legislature. Mr. Rapoza has decided to not watch as our liberties crumble, but to take steps to insure they are preserved using the power of the people given to us in the Constitution.
Julie Osburn, Secretary - SoJ Formation 501c4
Ms. Osburn was born and raised in San Jose, California, in the early 60's. Graduating from high school in San Jose, Ms. Osburn attended U.C. Santa Cruz, De Anza Junior College, and then completed her Bachelor of Arts in English at Colorado State University. Ms. Osburn also completed the requirements for teaching high school English and taught for a short period in Loveland, Colorado.

Ms. Osburn was hired in 1996 as a full time Firefighter/EMT at Donner Summit Fire Department where she worked for 7.5 years, eventually attaining rank of Lieutenant. She also attended Paramedic school and became a Paramedic in 1997. Even though Ms. Osburn loved Donner Summit Fire Department, they provided no retirement options other than Social Security. Because of that, Ms. Osburn moved to the North Tahoe Fire Protection District as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic, where she completed my career in the fire service. Ms. Osburn spent over 20 years in the fire service.

Currently, Ms. Osburn is a retired Firefighter/Paramedic. She runs her own small business providing administrative and grant writing services to local fire districts. As part of that, Ms. Osburn volunteer her services to local volunteer fire departments which need grant money.

Ms. Osburn has volunteered my time for multiple causes: She was a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children for 12 years; writes grants for small, volunteer fire departments; volunteers her time to advise other non-profit organizations on grant writing; and participates on the Board of a 501(c)(3) Friends of Independence Lake, Inc. which fights for public access to public lands. Ms. Osburn also works with local charities to raise funds for disadvantaged children in the area.
Lyndia Kent, Treasurer - SoJ Formation 501c4, Sovereign Minds Radio Show
Ms. Kent was born in February of 1961 in San Bernardino, CA. Graduated High School at the age of 16 years old in 1976 and went on to College of the Siskiyous. While in college, she studied 2 years of pre-med. Ms. Kent was married in the small town of Geyserville, CA and then became a mother of a baby boy.

Ms. Kent and her husband then moved to the state of Missouri where they bought a small 120 acre farm and brought two more baby boys into the world. Not long after moving to Missouri, she became owner of a small restaurant in the town of Hartville, MO.

After spending several years in Missouri and going thru a divorce, Ms. Kent moved back to California for a short time then on to Tucson, Arizona at which time she became a licensed Dental assistant. After doing her internship with a dentist in Tucson, Ms. Kent was hired as a full time employee for several years. Due to a job opportunity she then moved to Colorado. Ms. Kent continued her Dental Assisting and then became a manager of a Mom and Pop gas station and grocery store in the Pine and Bailey area. Ms. Kent was manager of the store for 10 years. After spending about 20 years in Colorado she moved back to California where she became a licensed Tax Preparer and has been preparing taxes for over 10 years.

Upon returning to California Ms. Kent received a diploma as a Family Herbalist and currently works in a local clinic, and has joined and volunteered in several organizations in the local community. Some of the organizations Ms. Kent belongs to are the Northern California Support Committee for the Veterans Home where she is the president, Secretary for PECAN, Member of Missing in America Project, one of the Founders of My Ladies Support Group, and helps with several outreach programs in the community. 
Karin Knorr, Board of Directors - SoJ Formation 501c4
Ms. Knorr has been in commercial real estate management for 20 years with over 25 years in the industry, and
holds both a CSM and CPM designation. Ms. Knorr was a Senior Real Estate Manager with CB Richard Ellis, Inc.
for several years before opening Knorr Management, Inc. and was responsible for a diverse regional portfolio,
including retail, office and industrial. While with CB Richard Ellis, Ms. Knorr was awarded the “Real Estate Manager
of the Year” award in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and managed over 1,200,000 square feet of commercial property.
Ms. Knorr’s hands on, proactive management style and excellent interpersonal skills are recognized assets to
both clients and tenants. Ms. Knorr has an excellent track record with tenant retention, attention to customer service, and excellent national tenant relationships. Ms. Knorr drives performance and stabilization to maximize the value of managed assets and is appreciated for her quality of service and work ethic.

In addition to managing retail sites, Ms. Knorr has successfully managed critical data centers, such as the EBay data
center and the Department of the Navy Logistics center. Ms. Knorr has managed large industrial sites for Ace
Hardware, SC Johnson and Waterhouse, Inc. Knorr Management, Inc. is currently providing management
services to a variety of clients, overseeing roughly 850,000 square feet of retail and office properties in Northern

Ms. Knorr was raised and educated in Paris, France and speaks three languages. In addition to a career in real
estate management, Ms. Knorr currently serves on the local school board. While living in Central America, Ms. Knorr 
served two terms on the City Council in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica, working on infrastructure and city planning
Dianna Baird, Data management, event coordination, Jefferson Messenger
Ms. Baird is a native of Sacramento California. She has a bachelor’s degree in Behavior Science with emphasis in teaching from National University. Ms. Baird has also achieved certification in crime and intelligence from the Department of Justice. Ms. Baird is married with two adult college graduate children. For a number of years Ms. Baird worked in the local school districts as a substitute primary and junior high school teacher. While her children attended grammar, middle and high school, Ms. Baird worked for the County of Placer Elections, Sheriff’s, District Attorney’s Office and in Facility Services. Ms. Baird is currently enjoying her responsibilities at the County of Sacramento as a Contract and Purchasing Services Officer.

By March of 2014, Ms. Baird attended her first town hall meeting. Ms. Baird thought town halls existed only in the 18th Century. At this meeting she learned that We The People do have a voice and that we, through the Constitution of the United States, have inalienable rights and the right to life, liberty and property. That to remain silent is to allow the political establishment to continue in its destructive pattern towards the ultimate ruin of this great Union. Ms. Baird learned that we as a people have dropped the ball and have become complaisant in our daily walk of lives. Ms. Baird believes Americans are too comfortable with their cushy jobs and want to focus on raising their families and that we must remain ever vigilant to return our nation to its full glory and to remain vigilant for the generations to come. Generations have come and gone and through each passage of time our liberties have been stripped away. Before leaving this meeting Ms. Baird vowed to join the people of this town hall and began working with them. 
Sally Rapoza, Social Media
Ms. Rapoza was born in Salt Lake City Utah in 1951 where it was a great place to grow up. When Ms. Rapoza turned 21, she decided it was time to explore her wanderlust and moved to Sacramento.

At 21 years of age Ms. Rapoza went to work for Hueblin Liquors as a "Black Velvet Girl"-which had her traveling all over northern California representing the company. In the course of her travels, Ms. Rapoza met my future husband, Terry Rapoza, who was (among other departments) the Long's store liquor buyer.

Shortly after that, Mr. Rapoza was offered a job with a small electrical appliance distributor, Certified Appliance who wanted to open up a new territory in Northern California based out of Redding.

The Rapoza’s worked as a team-at first only because they only had one car and Ms. Rapoza didn't want to stay home all of the time!-but soon it got too hot to sit in the car waiting for Mr. Rapoza to make his calls-and their Datsun didn't have air conditioning!-so Ms. Rapoza would go in and talk with the store owners. Soon they were making the calls from Humboldt County to Yuba County together and created in two short years one of the most profitable territories in the company! The Rapozas worked the northern part of the state together until our first daughter was born in 1981.

After three more children were added to their family in the decade of the 80's, she and Mr. Rapoza wanted to be at home more so he decided-when Ms. Rapoza was pregnant with their son-to quit the appliance business and start his own company-Rapoza Enterprises. At first, all he had to sell was displays of silk roses-which Ms. Rapoza put together for display during the day. They gradually added more and more items for sale-sunglasses, batteries, cards, vitimins-anything that could be sold in a convenience store, market, marina, gas stations etc. Over the years they built up a business that allowed them to raise and educate in private Christian school their four children and buy a house. The Rapozas know what it is like to work hard, but also be rewarded for their hard work.

In 2009 after all of their children had graduated from High school, and with two going to college-the Rapozas started The Redding Tea Party in response to what we thought was a government take-over of the banks and the healthcare system. They have been very active on a weekly basis, educating, informing and activating the people of Shasta County. They also helped start nine other Tea Party groups in Northern California. The Rapozas liked working with people to accomplish the goal of taking our country back!

In 2013, Mark Baird came to them with the (not so new) idea of the State of Jefferson! The Rapozas immediately saw the need to do this as well as knew the people they could work with to make it happen. Their connections with other groups provided the launch pad for the movement to grow. The Rapozas work with all of the county groups, staying in touch through Townhalls, Facebook and email. Over the years, Ms. Rapoza has developed a large database of people who also want to Make Jefferson Happen! Ms. Rapoza hopes to meet even more supporters as they "move on down the tracks" and bring those people on board the Jefferson Train! 

Red Smith, Research, Archivist, Shasta Lantern, Sovereign Minds Radio Show
Mr. Smith was born in Casper WY in December of 1977 at Natrona County Hospital. Mr. Smith resided in the Cowboy State until he departed to the wilds of Trinity County in Northern California under the supervision of his Maternal Grandmother.

Raised in a world of fiercely independent and self-reliant citizens, Mr. Smith quickly developed a mistrust and deep cynicism towards authority in general, Governmental supremacy specifically.

As a youth, Mr. Smith put his free time to good use educating himself with “useful knowledge” unlike the education he was receiving at public school, which Mr. Smith found lacking in challenge or depth. Fancying myself in the mold of Jim Bowie, or Jim Bridger, Mr. Smith became a skillful and capable junior woodsman. Mr. Smith also discovered a natural pre-disposition as a marksman with both recurve bow and a rifle. Mr. Smith also became a bit of a barnyard mechanic developing a passable ability to service Volkswagens, Willies and AMC motors and specializing in small engine repair that kept his childhood friends small fleet of ATV’s, Dirt Bikes and Go-karts operational.

Mr. Smith became California’s first ever 1st Grader to successfully pass the IQ requirements for California’s Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) Program where Mr. Smith developed a lifelong love of Astronomy and Rocketry. In his spare time as a voracious reader, Mr. Smith devoured all the written words he could lay his hands on, and soon laid low the available libraries, consuming all their content ranging from the Hardy Boys to The Fall of The Roman Empire to Chilton Manuals on pre-fuel injected Chevrolets.

At the age of 14, after losing my first job as a stock boy and grocery clerk due to seasonal slowdown, Mr. Smith found his feet set upon a fork in the road as Mr. Smith was shipped off to family friends in the Bay Area to “see more of the world and keep me out of trouble”. Mr. Smith spent the next years as a student of exceptional ability and under average performance as he found it preferable to keep his head down rather than have it caved in.
Mr. Smith departed the Bay Area in mid-1997 at which time he returned home to Trinity County where he enrolled in the Mountain Valley Unified Continuation program to complete his high school credits for a diploma. Taking work as a choker-setter for a local logging outfit, Mr. Smith also supplemented his income by helping to relieve the National Forest of overstocked Pacific Red Cedar that so happened to double as fantastic fence posts.

Upon completion of his required credits, Mr. Smith took his official High School diploma and departed for Humboldt County for a much-needed vacation to decide my future. Mr. Smith ended up staying almost 13 years to make that decision.

During his tenure in Humboldt County, a place Mr. Smith still considers home as much as he does Trinity County, Mr. Smith worked as a relocation specialist for North American Van lines traveling the country transporting household and military (mostly Coast Guard) goods.

Mr. Smith was eventually able to bankroll his first “above the table” small business as a household appliance repair and installation technician. Mr. Smith also found time to attend courses at the College of the Redwoods where he specialized in Philosophy and Electronics.

At this juncture, Mr. Smith found himself to be the sole surviving parent of his 5-year-old daughter who had been raised exclusively by her mother. This led to a rapid assessment of his lifestyle, skill sets and suitability to potentially successful child rearing. The results of that assessment were non-conducive to an acceptable outcome, therefore Mr. Smith departed for Redding, CA. to seek greener pastures.

Mr. Smith started by finding work as a fabricator of commercial grade survey equipment and a bulk powder coater until he was offered a job in his old bailiwick as a furniture transportation expert and accepted the position of lead delivery driver for a local furniture company. In his enthusiasm to provide the best for his young daughter and in a fit of foolish pride to prove his ability to make it in the “real world”, Mr. Smith forgot his own rule of keeping his head down, and vastly over performed in his new duties. This led to his rapid promotion and transfer to the City of Medford in Southern Oregon to manage a furniture distribution warehouse with a multi-million-dollar inventory.

Early in the economic downturn, the housing market collapsed which gave way to a natural depression in the furniture and household goods industry. This culminated in the bankruptcy and liquidation of his then employer.

Left without gainful employment and essentially financially stranded, Mr. Smith refused to admit defeat by returning home with his tail between his legs despite the urging of friends and family.

Instead deciding instead to take advantage of the numerous education opportunities as a dislocated worker. To this end, Mr. Smith began attending Rouge Community College with an eye towards a History degree and potential teaching accreditation. Mr. Smith is currently five credits short of an A.A. in General Ed. and a Semester and five credits short of a B.A. History. As of now, Mr. Smith has zero intention of completing those degrees.

It was here in my life that Mr. Smith met his second wife who would bear two beautiful children, a boy and a girl 18 months apart. Unfortunately, she was involved in a catastrophic vehicle accident requiring intensive rehabilitation and pain management that ended in a dependency and addiction to pain killers that would eventually end in mental instability and a mental break that would find her a resident of a state mental hospital.

Under these circumstances, Mr. Smith returned to Redding, CA a single father of three and soon found work as a freight dispatcher for a local trucking company. Mr. Smith would continue work as a dispatcher for the next three years until his portion of the transport fleet was downsized by California Air Resource Board regulations that left the fleet legally inoperable and fiscally unable to update for compliance.

At this time, Mr. Smith discovered his two current great loves, his new wife Brianna and the State of Jefferson movement of which Mr. Smith became a lead public speaker and proponent. Mr. Smith also became a Board Member of P.E.C.A.N. in accordance with his work as a public speaker, radio co-host “Sovereign Minds” and a budding investigative journalist and editor of the Shasta Lantern an online periodical.

Currently Mr. Smith is self-employed as a Licensed, Bonded Tax Consultant and carry on his labors as a media outlet and spokesman for the Northern California Patriot movement. 

Steve Baird, Website, financial analysis, speaker's bureau
Mr. Baird is a sixth generation Californian with roots in the gold rush going back to the 1860’s in Nevada City. Born in Oakland, CA he lived in several places around the Bay Area but also lived in Hawaii, Washington and Idaho. Mr. Baird returned to California in 1985 after graduating high school and college in the northwest. By early 1988, he was married to his bride of 29 years, Dianna and they eventually had two children, Logan and Adrianna. They currently reside in Placer County.

Mr. Baird holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Idaho and an MBA in Financial Management from National University.

Mr. Baird is currently working for the Sacramento County Department of Technology as an Information Technology Division Chief for the Customer Support Division. His responsibilities include the Service Desk, Field Services, Airport IT, Public Defender IT, Communications Center, 311 Connect and the county’s Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Outside of his position with the County, Mr. Baird has filed and received a trademark, three copyrights and a patent (Virtualized Shared Use Systems with Dynamic IP Address Injection [United States Patent 9,063,905]). He has been the treasurer of three community 501c3 non-profit organizations, earned a California Real Estate Broker’s License (01755917), was a soccer coach and referee, holds a black belt in Sho Shou karate and was a fencing instructor.

In addition to his work with Sacramento County, Mr. Baird is deeply involved with the State of Jefferson movement as the chief architect of the financial model as well as one of the speakers on Jefferson in the south counties of the future state. After learning of the Jefferson movement in February of 2014, he and his wife contacted the leadership core and offered their services and to do “whatever was necessary” to make Jefferson a reality. In the three plus years since, the Bairds have been traveling throughout Jefferson to spread the truth about our lack of representation and the failure of our leaders to provide us with a voice to stand up against the urban legislatures who seem bent on subjugating northern Californians by any means possible. 

Terry Gherardi, Public Information Officer
Ms. Gherardi is a Native Californian, but as a daughter of an Army Officer and later his position as Personnel Director of Numerous Army Quartermaster Depots, Ms. Gherardi lived in several states and even Puerto Rico, causing her to attend many schools and three different high schools, the last in the bay area. Ms. Gherardi decided she did not want to attend college, and instead worked in a retail credit office and eventually a finance and insurance manager for a bay area car dealership.

Ms. Gherardi and her husband moved to the Georgetown Divide, in El Dorado County, in the 1980's, where Ms. Gherardi became the managing editor for a small local publication, eventually taking over the ownership, turning the publication into an actual newspaper, with subscribers and street sales. This led to many opportunities in county politics and organizations, as well as joining in the fight against attempted takings of private property, and county lands and rivers, by the federal government.

During this time, Ms. Gherardi was one of the founders of the Divide Business Association. Served on the Sierra Economic Committee and a participant in the annual Wise Use Conference, sponsored by the American Land Rights Association. Ms. Gherardi gave testimony at Congressional Sub Committee hearings, as well as participating in numerous forums and meetings, including one with the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture.

Ms. Gherardi represented El Dorado County at Governor Deukmejian's Conference on Tourism and also the Sierra Summit Conference, attended by the who's, who of the academia and environmental movement. She learned firsthand about the goal of the Sierra Club and others to create the Range of Light National Park, whose boundaries included northern rural counties, all the way down to Fresno. Map looking very similar to that of the Wildlands Project.

Her husband, Mike, took over the newspaper, when Ms. Gherardi had the opportunity to be appointed the Administrative Assistant to the District IV County Supervisor, in 1996. Unfortunately, he lost his bid for re-election. The Gherardis sold their newspaper about the same time and moved to Pollock Pines, where along with a dear friend, formed a non-profit organization, called ADAPT, which through their newsletter and attendance at county and state meetings, they provided news stories and documentation about experiences with environmental organizations, as well as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM and CA State Fish and Game.

Ms. Gherardi also continued to write press releases and opinion pieces, which were published in Chamber of Commerce Newsletters and local newspapers. In 2004, Ms. Gherardi was hired to manage the Bush Cheney Campaign for the El Dorado County Republican Party. Shortly after, Ms. Gherardi was elected the District 1 Representative on the Republican Central Committee. Ms. Gherardi resigned in 2007, when once more Ms. Gherardi was hired to be the Administrative Assistant to the newly elected District IV County Supervisor.

This was the same time the Gherardis moved to Cameron Park, where Ms. Gherardi currently lives. Ms. Gherardi resigned from her county position in 2010, but still remained involved in political campaigns and local organizations. Ms. Gherardi is currently a member of a couple of Republican Party groups and serve on The El Dorado County Citizens for a University, an effort to bring an institution of higher learning to El Dorado County, while also expanding classes that might be offered at our local Community College. In 2016, Ms. Gherardi was appointed the El Dorado County Captain by the Trump-Pence campaign and also hired to manage the Republican headquarters.

Ms. Gherardi first learned about the State of Jefferson, at a local meeting, just prior to the first scheduled Town Hall Meeting, in February of 2014. Ms. Gherardi immediately volunteered to write the press release for the Town Hall and eventually joined the SoJ El Dorado County Committee. Eventually this led her to develop a larger media database, writing more press releases, columns and letters to the editor in local papers, as well as television, radio and news agencies across the country. Ms. Gherardi also serves on the new SoJ Marketing Committee.

Ms. Gherardi recently told Mark Baird, that she was destined to be with the effort for the State of Jefferson and Liberty. One of her proudest moments as owner of the Divide Harvester Newspaper, was when the publication celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Constitution, was placed in the El Dorado County History Museum and recognized by the U.S. Constitution Committee. A short time later, Ms. Gherardi came up with another publication titled: "Liberty Express", whose masthead was an old steam engine. It was also at this time that Ms. Gherardi changed her email address to liberty_x@sbcglobal.net.

Ms. Gherardi looks forward to the possibility of reviving "Liberty Express", in a newsletter for all Jefferson Counties. Ms. Gherardi predicts expanded recognition and news coverage and a great 2017 for Jefferson.

Mark Kent, 501c4 filings and tax consulting, Shasta Lantern, Sovereign Minds Radio Show
Mr. Kent was born in Yreka California, but his family moved to Running Springs in Southern California till fourth grade, and from there they moved all over the state of California because of his father’s work with Cal Trans. Mr. Kent has lived in every part of the state at one time of another.

Mr. Kent went to five different high schools Burlingame high, Hanford high, Yreka High, Happy Camp High and graduated from Peninsula High in San Mateo. Mr. Kent went on to some college at CSM but most of what Mr. Kent has in education has come from hard fought battles in the real world, not academia.

Mr. Kent has been self-Employed since he was seven years old. His first business was a worm farm. Mr. Kent went on to other various business, paper routes, played accordion in an Italian restaurant, projectionist in a movie theater, pool service company, Licensed Timber Harvester, along with other logging related activities. Mr. Kent built split rail fences and sold wood by the cord. Mr. Kent was also employed by various government agencies included CDF as a Timber Faller, USFS Fighting Fire, US Army as a Power Diesel Generation Mechanic, and the public works Department at the City of San Mateo.

Mr. Kent started a Marble and Tile Delivery Service in the Bay Area in the early 1980’s where Mr. Kent studied Law. Yes, you heard that correctly, while driving delivery and being in the truck most of each day, instead of listen to music, Mr. Kent listened to Law and Taxation courses from various colleges including Cornell and Loyola just to name a few. So while driving delivery, Mr. Kent listened and studied under America’s Greatest Law Professors. Mr. Kent referred to that old 1972 Chevy truck as his university on wheels or Commute U.

Somewhere in this timeframe, his son was diagnosed with cancer and Mr. Kent had almost a million dollars in medical expenses that he had no idea how he was going to pay. Therefore, Mr. Kent started a tax preparation and consulting business, while working for and tutoring under some very experienced businessmen.

Mr. Kent has been very lucky to have had some amazing mentors and associates including an Olympic weightlifter, tax consultant, a Tax Attorney, Professional Baseball Player, sales experts, data analysts; all highly trained and motivated people. These individuals were the best mentors Mr. Kent could find in their respective fields of expertize. They all contributed to his success in many different ways. Mr. Kent has completed so many courses on Law and Taxation it would be redundant to list them. So Mr. Kent like to say he went to the University of Hard knocks and earned a Degree in Results. Mr. Kent has been practicing in the field of Taxation for about thirty years now specializing in small business tax strategies. Mr. Kent also specialize in trouble shooting any problems concerning engagements with the IRS including but not limited to audits, collection, recordkeeping, entity selection and implementation.

Mr. Kent has also been involved with, and helped establish and run several Not for Profit corporations and associations.

Media Contacts
Please contact one of these individuals for inquires: Mark Baird, 530-227-6729 and Terry Rapoza, 530-246-9706.