Citizens for Fair Representation

Litigation to restore representation. Status: Currently waiting for Judge Mueller to produce demand for plaintiffs to respond since 9/8/2016.  Robert Matsui Federal Court House - 501 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 - Court Room 3
CFR v Secretary of State Alex Padilla
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California Citizens Redistricting Commission
One for 30,000 - Return the House of Representatives

435 Representatives Can Not Faithfully Represent 300 Million Americans!
Why Is the Constitutional Representation Ratio Ignored?
A bit more historical context is in order before examining the effect of the departure from the Constitution’s prescribed proportional scheme of representation.
Article The First
The House Apportionment Act of 1911 was introduced in the Democratic controlled House of Representatives as H.R. 2983 in direct opposition to Article the First....
Article the First: Is Congress Ignoring an Amendment Ratified by the States?
A federal case argues that the first of 12 proposed constitutional amendments (10 of which became the Bill of Rights) was ratified by the states.
Why litigation?
If the people's representatives refuse to take the actions their employers demand, then getting an outside party to help determine the appropriate remedy is worthwhile.  After filing declarations and petitions with the State of California, our elected legislators did not craft a resolution to release the northern counties to become their own State.  Suing California for lack of representation and dilution of vote will result in better representation across all of California and we believe this will lead to an independent State of Jefferson.
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