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Discussion and Revelations about the suit against California

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Get Used to It?

Brown said re the fires “Get Used to It” and also “California is Burning Up” interesting phraseology reminiscent of Whistleblower/Activist Deborah Tavares’ video in 2015 entitled Northern California Will Burn Up. The fires to me are HIGHLY suspect, too many, too short a period of time, green trees left but porcelin/glass/metal disintegrates almost like WTC […]

Status of Court Case

Has there been any recent exchange between the judge and the SOJ legal team ? If not, what is the judge waiting for ? Is it a document or statement that has to be provided by the SOJ team or is the “ball in her court” at this stage ? When do you expect there […]

Suing CA

I have a question. Has California been sued before by a bunch of citizens? Has California demanded repayment of the costs of the case from the citizens? I’m wondering what the propensity is.


Jerry Brown recently called California taxpayers, “freeloaders”. As the article written in Orange County pointed out….Jerry does not think that one million people in Los Angeles on foodstamps at taxpayer expense are freeloaders. Moonbeam does not think millions of illegal aliens sucking up public services are freeloaders. But, Your Governor, Jerry Brown, thinks the people […]

Looking forward to the results

This is an interesting case. I hope the judges are reasonable and look at the constitution when making decisions that have bearing on the outcome.